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        Talent Concept
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        Outstanding talent is the basis for achieving the strategic goals, is the power of sustainable development of enterprises. Companies with scientific training methods, effective incentive mechanism, the playing field, a broad development space only recruit good, human resources "selection, fertility, employment," increase its efforts to continue to optimize the structure of personnel quality. So that every employee can fully in Telelink Faye of the collective self-worth, maximum to achieve personal career planning and enterprise development goals fit, staff grow with the enterprise. Companies respected "innovation and beyond, integrity, responsibility, cooperative spirit; happy, healthy living" business value, and to serve as guiding principles for the work of our human resources, we believe that "employees are the wealth of job well done", the company focused on employees the professional qualities of integrity, honesty and responsibility, to promote communication, cooperation and professionalism, helping each other. Companies with scientific standardized management to provide staff with a good working environment and development platform, and strive to achieve common development and progress of the employees and the company.
        Company advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resisting any negative "politics" phenomenon makes relationships easy and healthy and build a happy working atmosphere. We care about our employees, encourage the pursuit of physical and mental health of employees and corporate support staff a wealth of cultural and sports activities, and employees outside of work to relax, enabling employees to work hard, happy life.

        Personnel should possess such qualities:

        a healthy personality;

        follow the standard principles;

        a clear criteria of good and evil;

        a strong sense of responsibility and learning;